Every 1:1 meeting is an opportunity to become closer to your reportees.

Must-ask questions for one-on-one meetings

1:1s can be one of the most enjoyable parts of people management. It’s the place you can get real with your team members and build the base of your relationship.

The tone of the meetings will have a significant impact on the work you do. If you are having trouble finding the right questions to engage with your team, try some of these great questions to ask in one-on-one meetings.

Discover issues early on

While things are calm, it’s good to keep asking the hard questions. Those are the ones that will help you catch the issues when they are still manageable, instead of after they explode.

Typical questions to discover issues can be:

Also, if you know your reportee has raised issues in the past, address them. Ask your reportee if they are fully solved, how is everything progressing and try to understand if the solutions were temporary and the issues will emerge again.

Grow your relationship

Every 1:1 meeting is an opportunity to become closer to your reportees. Understand what bothers them and how you are contributing to their workplace happiness.

Here are some questions you might find useful to spark a relationship-growing conversations:

Gauge enthusiasm on current role

Maybe things are not bad, but there might still be room for improvement. Having a grasp of your team’s enthusiasm is key to plan ahead and understand their future potential.

Some insightful questions are:


One very interesting prompt is to ask them to rate their job from 1 to 10 (1 being a bad job and 10 being awesome). Whatever they say, ask them what would a “one point higher” look like (ie. if they say 6 ask what would a 7 look like). This can give you extremely important information that is otherwise hard to obtain.

And there are plenty other useful 1:1 questions to try out. Just be sure to expand on whatever the answer is and you’ll definitely end up with some interesting new knowledge about your reportees.