Founder in Tech

A compendium of resources and experience from real founders and professionals from the tech industry

Founder in Tech

I founded my first tech startup back in 2008, still in school and with zero knowledge of business or marketing. When that completely failed, I founded another company in 2010. Grew it to many millions in revenue and hundreds of employees, but I finally quit to seek other challenges. In 2021, I founded my third tech company.

Since my first company, I’ve worked in programming, product development, marketing, finance, sales, customer support and many other areas. I’ve been a hands-on single person team and I have managed teams of teams of teams, where most of the work was aligning people towards a common vision. I’ve made pitches to customers and pitches to VCs. I’ve worked in almost every role a tech company can have, and I want to share my experience with you.

What you’ll find

Make the most of it

All the content here draws from my personal experience. Some of it will apply to you and some of it won’t. Be quick to discard whatever doesn’t apply and be thorough in applying to your business whatever does fit your shoe size.

If you need any help with your startup, contact me. I’d be glad to help out.